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The Kick-off – Movie and Television Soundtracks.

On many occasions I have found myself “Shazaming” tracks from my favourite TV series and movies.

There is something about a perfectly timed soundtrack that enriches your experience of a movie.

Think back to Cameron Crowe’s 2000, drama-dy Almost Famous.┬áKate Hudson won her first Golden Globe for this sleeper hit, and the movies’ soundtrack stood out as a character its own right.

I doubt anyone could forget this scene:

The cast singing to Elton John’s – Tiny Dancer

The scene had the ability to fill you with nostalgia for something you’d never experienced before…and it was all thanks to Elton John’s soulful rendition of this classic track. And as you watched it, you just knew you were experiencing a part of movie history and that the scene and movie would live on in popular culture.

Such is the power of an epic soundtrack and this is what this blog will explore.

We’ll focus on the following:

  • Television series featuring interesting soundtracks,
  • movies featuring interesting soundtracks, and
  • links to obscure songs from a soundtrack among other things.

I hope you’ll enjoy the posts to come. I know I’m going to love writing them.

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